Who Are We

We strive to maintain an individual, solution-oriented business relationship with our customers. The customer and his requests are at the heart of our concerns – one more reason to live constructive communication on a daily basis, and thus remain at the forefront of the market.

Honesty and reliability

It is a fundamental decision to be honest with our customers. Our work processes are transparent and easily traceable for customers. We guarantee the customer a clear project direction and partner solutions at all times. We equate reliability with honesty, and make every effort to make customer deadlines our responsibility.


For our customers’ orders, our overriding imperative is discretion.
We want to reconcile the confidentiality of our clients with the duty of secrecy expected of us and include each of the employees of our team in this responsibility.

Working atmosphere

We adapt to everyone, respect the personality of others and, through tolerance and open-mindedness, create a good basis for daily collaboration. We thus encourage a concern for quality and take responsibility for our services.


We strive for joint development towards success, so that we can offer our customers innovative and up-to-date solutions. We aim to be the best; this is what we constantly aim for, together and with all our resources, for our customers.


As a team, we motivate each other through recognition of good performance, and maintain our sense of belonging to the company through internal events and field trips. Constructive criticism in our team brings us closer to the wishes of the customers, and thus to the success of our service.


– Are you using a system that you want to develop but the later version of which can no longer be ordered from the manufacturer?
– Don’t want to buy new devices that quickly lose value?
– Are you planning to replace existing machines and want us to take back your old machines or do you want to resell them?
We offer you professional service and advice in the mainframe market and have over 10 years of experience.
BMS PC-SHOP SARL buys and sells new and used systems from all well-known manufacturers. You will quickly realize your advantage when purchasing new systems: We can offer you new devices with manufacturer’s warranty at very attractive prices.

Put us to the test!

Want to buy at even better prices?
Second-hand devices then represent the most economical alternative.
The first big write-off has already been made. You can thus buy equipment in working order for a fraction of the price of this new equipment and have it maintained by us or by the manufacturer. Contact us and look forward to an attractive offer!